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GS-14 small password keyboard
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     GS series of bank password keypad to solve the bank’series of hardware and software incompatibility problem which incured because of terminal complex species, drive Interface procedures inconsistencies. It can be connected with PC computer and STAR series of terminals, GW series terminals, WYSE terminal, the New World terminals, State-terminal, Haiwei terminal, purple-end terminals, and other major domestic and foreign terminal manufacturers’products .
     GS series of small keyboard password simulating the PC keyboard interface.
2).the Model Options
1. GS-14B voice control, voice prompts
2. GS-16 voice control, voice prompts, liquid crystal display
3). Switch indication
    SW1 choose the main client interface ON: AT port
                          OFF: ZT or terminal interface
    SW2 choose LCD prompt ON: enter a password figures show
                          OFF: enter a password show "*"
    SW3 choose 'Clear' button number ON: send a 'removal'
                          OFF: send six 'removal'
    SW4 choose the type terminals, the general set by the manufacturers.
4).Installation of on-line operations (following the example to GS-16)
1.put the original large keyboard  of host or terminal out,insert J1 interface;
2 J2 interface inserted to the original host or terminal keyboard port;
3 password keyboard controller stick in the upper right corner of the large keyboard;
4 according to controller button, then open the password keyboard, voice prompts' Hello-enter password please," LCD shows "INPUT PASSWORD!"
5) .according to controller button, then open the password keyboard, voice prompts' re-enter a" LCD "TRY AGAIN!"
6).users enter the password and then click 'confirm' or within 15 seconds without confirmed, keyboard password will automatically be sent to 'confirm' button, and close password keyboard.
Figure 1:
Picture 1  drwaing of connecting
7).Key assignments check list:
key Standard      ASCII code key Standard      ASCII code
  0    0x30   6       0x36
  1    0x31   7       0x37
  2    0x32   8       0x38
  3    0x33   9       0x39
  4    0x34  enter    0x0d
  5    0x35  clear    0x08

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